You know you’re studying abroad in Florence when:

Just a start to the list. Feel free to add your own!

You know you’re studying abroad in Florence when:

  • You use the sight of the Duomo to find your way back to the apartment.
  • You completely give up wearing heels because of the cobblestones.
  • You get arms of steel while carrying groceries back to the apartment.
  • You have to go up a million stairs just to get to your front door…that is, your second front door.  
  • You personally recognize all of the gypsies but still refuse to give them money.
  • You only get leather products from Massimo. 
  • You have an Astor Coffee Card and use all four. Every. Day.
  • Pino knows you by name when you walk in, and what you order.
  • You get aggravated by the throngs of tourists in front of the Duomo because you’re late to class.
  • You can get shots anywhere, but you go get and Eby’s shot on special occasions.
  • You get your pizza in a heart shape at Gusta.
  • You start stopping to pick up change from the ground because it could be 2 Euros – not just a quarter.
  • Running into a random event/parade/music performance is normal.
  • You know there are cat-sized rats living in the Arno.
  • You know the best wifi spots in the city for when the router in the apartment goes on the fritz.
  • You never ever will take a very long, hot shower for granted ever again in your life.
  • You don’t flinch at the mention of brain, tongue, or stomach as food items, though you aren’t sure about the idea of eating them yet.
  • You know about the guy that roams the streets around Dante’s house quoting his work…and refuse to make eye contact.
  • You have succumbed to the late night Kebab. And hated yourself the next morning.
  • You have tried pear pasta and have fallen in love.
  • You have a favorite gelato place, and get in aggressive arguments if others have a different opinion.
  • You hate the umbrella sidewalk battles when it rains.
  • You miss insulated houses…and rugs.
  • You want to pet every dog that walks by because you miss yours way too much.
  • You secretly want to eat at the HardRock but feel embarrassed to admit it.

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