Leather Jackets: The Massimo Experience

The smell intrigues you before anything else – an inviting scent of fresh leather draws you into the small shop with the walls draped in jackets of warm browns, deep rich tans, and shiny charcoal blacks with the occasional pop of fire-engine red. Massimo calls out from his place in the back of the store.

“Lisa! Thank you so much for coming to visit! Let me help you, let me show you everything. What are you looking for?”

The man walks though his store with a constant smile on his face and is as excited as his customers about his products. Within minutes, a jacket is draped around my shoulders. His eye sees through the colors and style of his jackets and looks to see if it compliments the individual. And as I stand in front of the mirror and look at myself in a light tan, cross-zippered jacket, I see him in the background, frowning.

“No,” he says as he shakes his head and turns me to the side. “It flares out too much here. Not a good fit,” though I felt that it was perfectly beautiful. He runs out of the store to the storage he has in the next room, returning with another that, once I put it on, is truly much better.

He understands much more than simply putting on a coat. Or a bag for that matter – and his selection is unbelievable for such a small store. He boasts of his student discounts and high-quality leather. He will mention not to get a light bag while wearing dark-wash jeans so the color does not run. He cares about his job, his products, but most of all, he cares about his customers.

As I walk out, he leans on the counter and calls to me. “Have fun in Switzerland this weekend! Come visit when you get back!” Massimo will remember your name, and your schedule. It is a personal relationship that goes above and beyond purchasing an infamous Italian Florentine Leather Product. It becomes an experience.

Come join the experience with a light aperitivo with Massimo and the Bus2alps Crew at 6 PM tonight! Message me or any one of your favorite Florentine Bus2alps leaders to find out more info!

Visit Massimo any day of the week on Borgo La Noce Florence, Italy. Mention Bus2alps to immediately bring a smile to his face! Visit his facebook page here.



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