Saving in Interlaken, Switzerland

Going up to my favorite place in Europe is wonderful – snow covered peaks of the Alps, fresh air, random cows and horses in backyards throughout the town make Interlaken a get-away from the touristy, confined streets of Florence or Rome. But because this little town is nestled into the alps and in between two lakes, shipping products there is expensive, which ups the sale price as well.

So though the landscape does make up for the 18 franc burger you’re mowing down on, for those of us that have a little less to spend while abroad but still want to enjoy Swiss life need to do a few things to save money:

  • GO with bus2alps! So much cheaper than the train and much less stress. Plus the hostel is taken care of and you get a pretty decent breakfast included in the price (get a ton of Swiss cheese!)
  • Go to the grocery store. If you’re staying a Balmers, it’s right around the corner and you can get a yogurt and fruit for a few francs for a breakfast or lunch. Dinner can be anything from pasta to a whole four course meal because you can use the kitchen at the hostel to cook up any dish you please. I have had students spend as little as two francs per person.
  • Alcohol is also cheaper there! Buy from the store first, and then maybe just get one or two drinks from the MetroBar.
  • Skydiving is an option, but not the only option. The activities that draw people to Interlaken are the adrenaline junkie’s dream. But there are some lower key.
  • Go hiking. Start from walking out of the hostel, or take a short train up into the higher elevated towns  and start from there. Meet some cows, meet the people, take pictures. If you walk the whole way, hiking is fo FREE. But still an amazing experience.
  • Take a bus to the lake. Balmers has free bus passes for those that stay there. Grab one and ask the lake stops. Take off on a paddle board, or just lounge by the electric blue water for an afternoon.
  • Walk around town in Interlaken. The houses are beautiful, the people are nice, and the pictures are worth it.

Anything you do is going to be incredible because of the fact that you are in Interlaken! Switzerland! It’s the most beautiful place in the world! Get on the bus and save!


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